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Quality workwear rental solutions

Apparelmaster Waikato provides quality workwear rental solutions proudly servicing businesses in the Waikato and Counties areas. 

Whether you are a local garage or a national food processing plant Apparelmaster Waikato understands the ongoing demands placed on your company workwear. 

Ensuring that your staff  look clean and professional says a lot about how you conduct your business, and the emphasis you place on a clean, safe and protective workplace environment, allowing your staff to get on with doing what they do best.

Uniform and workwear rental services provide a lot of advantages over outright purchase for all sorts of companies.  Initial workwear CAPEX including branding and or personalisation, can be hugely draining, not to mention the ongoing cleaning and laundering requirements, repair and or replacement of work garments as staff come and go. Partnering with Apparelmaster Waikato through our fully managed workwear solution, takes all these issues out of the equation for your business.   Simply put, we purchase the workwear that best suits your workplace needs and rent the garments back to you.  We custom fit all your staff, brand and personalise, dryclean or launder, repair and replace garments.   With this model there is nothing for you to buy.  

We work with specialist industries

If you operate in the Waikato and Pukekohe areas and would like to see how best our workwear solution can benefit you we would love to hear from you.  We partner with our customers to help develop the best fit approach for your business. We have experience working across a wide range of specialist industries including hospitality, automotive, construction and engineering, government and council, trades and more.