Apparelmaster Waiakto are the masters of food industry workwear in the Waikato & Counties regions.

There are few industries that face such demanding health and safety standards like food manufacturing and processing industry.  In food processing and preparation environments, the cleanliness of your workwear can have a direct effect on your customers, and ultimately your business. Apparelmaster understand this and their purpose designed workwear and cleaning programmes using MAF approved cleaning products, meet these stringent food industry compliance standards.

As a result, Apparelmaster hold an Assured Quality certificate. Audited annually, this certification is regarded as the Top Laundry Standard for the Food Industry. The purpose of this standard is to ensure that laundered items used in food manufacturing operations, do not introduce a risk to the maintenance of food safety standards.

Our experience and expertise with food industry clothing and workwear, means we can effectively guide and fit your team from our specialist hard wearing food industry garments. Whether its food production clothing or general food industry clothing we can help you. Our range includes: white and hi-vis jerkins, trousers, dust coats, food industry uniforms and overalls. Garments can be tailored to include hoods and varying sleeve length. 

Renting quality food industry workwear is just the starting point. To keep your workwear clean, tidy and looking professional, Apparelmaster also provide a professional laundering programme, tailored to our client’s needs - we're also happy to professionally clean your existing workwear. With the workwear rental programme we also custom fit, brand and personalise. Full repairs and alteration are, as always provided at no extra charge. Our food industry workwear range can also be purchased outright.