Apparelmaster Waikato are the masters of towels and towelling supplies covering the Waikato & Counties regions.

As the specialists of towel supplies, Apparelmaster are at the forefront of towel rental systems and laundry solutions, all tailored to meet your specific business needs.

We offer a wide range of quality towels and towelling systems such as roller towels and cabinet towels; supplying both the towel dispenser unit along with towel refills. Apparelmaster also rent and launder tea towels, shop towels (similar to bath towels) and hand towels. Ensuring you have a regular and reliable supply of fresh, clean and hygienic workplace towels will save your company money and time.

One of our more specialised towel products is lint free glass cloths, used by many hospitality businesses to polish and present glassware immaculately. We also supply general use wipes.

As businesses reflect not only on their own sustainability position, but that of their key suppliers, more credibility is given to the use of fabric towels over paper. 

Talk to the towel masters - Apparelmaster.